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Sensory World free animated website for people with learning disabilities and learning difficulties

An interactive website for
people with learning disabilities or learning difficulties.

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Sensory World - Home

Sensory World - The Sensory House

Sensory World - The Hallway

Sensory World - The Sensory Kitchen

Sensory World - Health and safety in the kitchen

Sensory World - Hygiene in the kitchen

Sensory World - Nutrition

Sensory World - The Money Manager

Sensory World - the Lounge

Sensory World - The Sensory Music Room
the orchestra : percussion | woodwind | brass | strings

the band : funk | pop | jazz | classical

Sensory World - The Sensory Room
themes : sixties | jungle | princess | sea | night | beach | disco | space | mix all

ecards : sixties | jungle | princess | sea | night | beach | disco | space | mix all

Sensory World - the First Floor

Sensory World - the Bathroom

Sensory World - Health and Safety in the Bathroom

Sensory World - Hygiene in the Bathroom

Sensory World - the Sensory Bathroom

Sensory World - the Bedroom

Sensory World - the Sensory Garden

Create your own garden

Explore the sensory garden
spring | summer | autumn | winter

Sensory garden activities
spring | summer | autumn | winter

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Sensory World - Site Map

Press Article

Sensory World is a brand new website; a virtual, interactive house filled with activities designed to stimulate learning and promote choice for people with learning disabilities. FitzRoy Support is pleased to announce the launch of Sensory World on May 4th 2006. Sensory World is completely free to everyone, there are no downloads and no registration is required. Sensory World is a place people can explore and interact with, built around a variety of familiar home settings including; an interactive Kitchen, Music Room, and Sensory Room. There is also a useful Money Managing tool. FitzRoy Support is a national charity that aims to give people with learning disabilities access to real choice and opportunity, and to enable them to live their lives the way they choose to. Sensory World has been created with the help of people with learning disabilities and their support workers as a response to the increasing demand for relevant online activities in our services.

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